Spring Show Group Qualifications - 2023-2024

Learn to Skate Groups:

1. Lesson groups (Snow Plow Sam Group through Free Skate 2 Group and High School Basic Skills Group) are based on the skill level the skater is at in January. These groups include skaters that:

a. Participate in Basic Skills/Low Free Skate group lessons and/or

b. Participate in private lessons and are skating at a basic skill level.

2. Private lesson groups are for any skater that participated in private lessons. Skaters in these groups are grouped together by the coaches based on their skill levels.

Advanced Groups:

1. Advanced A

a. Test Level: Pre-Bronze Singles (formerly Pre- Juvenile Free Skate) and Pre-Silver Skating Skills (formerly Intermediate Moves in the Field) passed

b. Minimum three hour of private ice time per week

c. 3 Advanced events (testing and/or competition)


2. Advanced B

a. Test Level: Preliminary Singles (formerly Free Skate) or Pre-Bronze Skating Skills (formerly Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field) passed

b. Minimum two hours of private ice time per week

c. 2 Advanced events (testing and/or competition)


3. Advanced C

a. Test Level: No test level requirements

b. Minimum one hour of private ice time per week

c. 1-2 advanced events (testing and/or competition)


4. Advanced High School Group – skaters may opt to participate in this group instead of the group they qualified for if they:

a. Are in 7th grade and up and they have

b. Passed Preliminary Skating Skills (formerly Moves in the Field) or higher


5. Advanced Solos/Features/Spotlights

  • will be determined by the Show Directors and will be approved by the Board.