Skates & Accessories


  • The truth is there is no “best brand”. There are different quality skates however, and it is important to choose the correct quality for the level and age of skater. For beginner skaters it is important to have a nice comfortable skate with more firm sides. Please try and steer clear of floppy side skates as they provide no support to the ankle, there are several new and used skates available on the market. Contact a coach to help you decide what is best for your skater. Some common brands that are reliable and recommended are: Jackson, Riedell ,Risport and Edea.
  • Try to avoid sizing up to much, it will be important for your skater to be able to be comfortable but yet have a little room to grow. Skates that are too large will cause blisters and sores.
  • Most brands have size charts available on their websites

Skating Accessories:

  • Hard Blade Guards – They are a rubbery-plastic cover for your figure skating blades. These help protect blades when walking around off ice, but are not for storing your states in.
  • Soft Blade Guard (Soakers) – are used to store skates, they help wick away moisture from blades after skates are removed and stored.

The closest Skate Shop is located at:

Fergus Falls Home & Hardware (Cullen’s Home Center)
1005 North Tower Road
Fergus Falls, MN 56537


Used Skates:

  • There are many used/new buy and sell Figure Skating groups on Facebook that have used skates
  • Ebay is another place to look for used skates
  • Asking around our club is a great source for skates as other club members will often have used states for sale.  


Check out the clubs private BST facebook page!

This group is for members of Southern Valley Figure Skating club to buy and sell skates, dresses, apparel, and all other things skating. Include. Price with each item for sale and delete items that have sold.