SVFSC Make Up Ice Policy

1. Long term injury or illness
a. Skaters who miss a signification portion of the session, or the entire session due to long
term illness or injury have the option of receiving a credit to their account for ice time
missed. This includes private ice blocks and group lessons. This credit does not expire.
b. Skaters with a long-term illness or injury must present a medical professional’s note
excusing the skater from practice. The note does not need to specify reason for
absence, but rather just a verification the skater is not clear to practice by a medical
c. The medical professional’s note can be presented to the SVFSC President or Vice

2. Short term absence due to injury, illness, scheduling conflicts or any personal or extracurricular
conflicts can be made up at any time during the current session (cannot be carried over to next
session, Holiday Ice or early fall ice.)
a. Make up ice can only be done in 30-minute blocks (not 10, 15 or any other increment)
If skaters wish to skate shorter increments of time, punch cards can be
purchased and used in 15-minute increments. All other ice purchases (session
and walk on ice purchased via Sports Engine or cash can only be made in 30-
minute increments).

b. Ice time must be made up by skater who purchased ice (cannot be shared with family
members or other skaters)
c. Skaters must check in with ice monitor or log time in the ice monitor binder to log make
up ice time. Please include date and time of missed ice you are making up.
d. Make up ice for short term absences must be completed in the current session, the
make up time cannot be carried over into the next session.

Bonus Punch Card Policy
1. Bonus punch cards issued during the fall session must be used by December 31 (they can be
used for Holiday Ice)
2. Bonus punch cards issued during the spring session can be used through early fall ice.
3. Reminder – bonus punch cards cannot be replaced if lost or stolen

Purchased Punch Card Policy
1. Purchased punch cards do not expire
2. Purchased punch cards can be shared amongst immediate family members listed on the same

Dropping Off and Leaving Skaters At The Rink

  • Skaters 10 and under cannot be left unattended at the rink for Southern Valley Figure Skating private ice or group classes/practice.