Costume Committee

Duties: Assist with costumes for Spring Ice Show, and Holiday Exhibition (if needed).  Help with sewing (if you can, not needed to serve on committee), shopping for costume materials (online and in-person), organizing costumes, help skaters try on costumes.  Put away costumes, labeling, track down skaters to try on costumes, etc.  SVFSC board sets budget, chair reports to the board

Current Members: Ginger Schillinger (chair), Amanda Crouse, Jessica Gauslow, Paula Betz

Committee Make-up: 3-4 members, any club member

Volunteer credit: Log in time as work is done


Concessions Committee

Duties: Plans concessions for Holiday Show, Spring Show, and Leap and Compete. Proposes plan and prices to board for approval. Develop price list and print and post for each event.  Purchase concession supplies for each event.  Works with Volunteer Coordinator to post volunteer job opportunities and descriptions.

Current Members: Aime Benedict (chair), Jeff Snyder

Committee Make-up: Chair plus one other committee member

Volunteer credit: Log in time as work is done


Compensation Committee

Duties: Evaluate compensation rates in February/March to propose any changes for the next year to the full board at April Board meeting. Goal is to have contracts written and signed in June before the new fiscal year for Directors, contracted staff and adult LTS coaches.  Contracts for other LTS coaches and junior coaches to be signed before first session starts

Current Members:  Shannon King, Erica Olson, Sarah Peterson

Committee Make-up: Four people, at least two need to be current board members.

Volunteer credit: Log in time as work is done, hours likely only available for spring session


Decorating Committee

Duties: Plans and executes decorations for Holiday Show, Leap and Compete, Spring Show (on ice, off ice, lobby, concessions, awards area, locker rooms, etc.).  Update bulletin board in lobby.  Board will approve the budget per event and final set choice for the ice show. Works with volunteer coordinator to post decorating volunteer opportunities in GoMotion. Coordinates with Directors, Competition Committee and Kick-Off Committee on decoration needs.  Volunteers will be secured to help put up decorations for major events.

Current Members: Audrey Caldiero (chair), Shannon King

Committee Make-up: 3-4 members, any club member

Volunteer Credit: Log in time as work is done


Kick Off Committee


Current Members: Amanda Crouse, Sarah Peterson, Miranda Miranowski, Melissa Synder

Committee Make-up: 

Volunteer credit: Log in time as work is done