SVFSC Coaches

Kayla Hammond
Operations Director And Head Coach 

Hi! My name is Kayla Hammond, I have always had a deep passion for  coaching and working with students. I have been coaching with Southern Valley Skating Club since 2006 and am the Operations Director for the club. I currently coach the Synchronized Skating Teams and do private lessons. I love seeing the different potential in every skater and helping them see it in themselves. I like to push my students to reach their goals all while having fun!


Contact: [email protected]

* private lessons coach - learn to skate and advanced * 


Heather Awender
Learn To Skate USA Director And Coach

Skating is my passion! I am a Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field, as I have completed the senior moves in the field test. I am currently working on my Junior Freeskate. I still skate for myself as there is no better way to learn than to practice. I have skated with SVFSC simce 2001 and have been coaching with them for 9 years. I also coach for the Fergus Falls Figure Skating Club. I spent 1 year coaching abroad in Osby, Sweden and traveling for competitions with Osby figure skaters. I want skaters to be successful but loving to skate and having fun is most important!

Contact: [email protected]


* private lessons coach - learn to skate and advanced *

Katie Rauber
Learn to Skate and Private Lessons Coach

As one of the first members of Southern Valley Figure Skating Club, I have been active in skating for 35+ years in some capacity or another. I represented SVFSC for most of my competitive skating career and started my coaching career in the first apprenticeship program offered by SVFCS. This taught me the fundamentals of teaching that helped coach, guide and build a successful skating school in Brookings, SD, Huron, SD and Watertown, SD. I've also judged Leap N' Compete competitions for SVFSC for several years. Skating, in all forms, is a right of passage for so many people in the area and I am happy to be a small part of keeping the tradition alive by offering lessons to those who want to learn.

Contact: [email protected]

* private lessons coach - learn to skate and advanced * 


Bethany Rausch
Learn to Skate and Private Lessons Coach
My name is Bethany Rausch. I started skating with the SVFSC in 2000 when I was four years old.
I actively skated with the club for 14 years and have four years of coaching experience with the club.
I have always had a passion for skating and love to see skaters progress throughout the year.
Contact:  [email protected]
* private lessons coach -  advanced and basic skills  * 

Miah Schmidt
 Dance Coach 

Hi! My name is Miah Schmidt. I have loved skating since the moment I stepped on the ice at the age of 5. I am currently a freshman in college, I am attending the Minnesota Community and Technical College in Fergus Falls. I started coaching as a sophomore in high school in the season of 2020-2021. I have coached both learn to skate group lessons and private and this year I will be starting to coach advanced. I am a triple gold medalist which includes; moves in the field, ice dance, and solo free dance. I have passed two international dances on top of the gold dances, which will be the main thing I coach but I can coach pretty much anything. I still skate for myself as I have passed Intermediate freeskate and am working on Novice. I have always loved working with kids and helping them achieve their goals, it's always great to see how much they improve!

* private lessons coach - Advanced Dance * 

Maegan Bellmore

LTS Hockey




Breanna Hallquist

Learn To Skate Coach

Junior Learn To Skate Coaches

Jaidyn Seelye 
Jr Coach -  Learn To Skate

Hi, My name is Jaidyn Seeley and I am a junior at Wapeton High School. I have been skating since 2013. Skating has always been my favorite thing to do and I'm always so excited to get back on the ice! Going to competitions is always a blast from all memories being made off the ice. The downtime with other girls is beyond amazing on how much fun we have. Seeing how far skaters have come from when they started is always so fun to see. 

* private lessons coach - basic skills * 

Paige Schreiber 
Jr Coach - Learn To Skate  

Hello, my name is Paige Schreiber I am a junior at BHS. I have been skating with SVFSC since 2013. I had tried dance and gymnastics but fell in love with skating. Working with the young skaters is very rewarding to's fun to see their different traits and personalities. The best part of our club is how we all lift each other up and help each other out.  

* private lessons coach - basic skills * 



Madison Lien
Jr Learn to Skate Coach

Hey all! My name is Maddie Lien, I am a junior at Fergus Falls High School. I started skating with my home club Fergus Falls Skating Club when I was in 1st grade doing the learn to skate program and taking private lessons. Recently over the summer I started coaching and fell in love with the idea of teaching students something I love so much. I love how creative the young skaters’ minds are and knowing I can help them grow in their skating skills. I myself still compete and test, with Heather Awender as my main coach and Leigh Gervais as my dance coach back in Fergus! My sole purpose is to help young skaters achieve their goals and be a main supporter for them while having fun!

Contact: [email protected]

* private lessons coach - basic skills * 




Emma Betz

Jr. Learn to Skate Coach 

Substitute Coaches

Laura Formaneck
Learn to Skate Coach

Contact: [email protected]

Kelsey Ceroll
Learn to Skate Coach

Hi! My name is Kelsey Ceroll. I am a Senior at Breckenridge High School. I have been involved in Southern Valley Figure Skating Club for 11 years. For 9 of those years I was a competitive skater myself and for the past 2 years I have been a Learn to Skate Coach. I enjoy working with the kids on their skills and love seeing the joy on their faces with each successful, accomplished move.

Contact: [email protected]


Autumn Benedict
Jr. Coach - Learn To Skate 

Abigail Bruechert
Jr. Coach - Learn To Skate

Hi! My name is Abby Bruechert, I am a Junior at Wahpeton High School. Ever since I was little, I have had a passion for skating! I have been involved in the Southern Valley Figure Skating Club for almost 10 years now. Being around kids and working with them has always been a joy of mine.  I love the feeling at the end of season seeing how far the kiddos have come since the first time they stepped onto the ice! The Club has always brought new friendships into my life which is one of my favorite parts of stepping onto the ice knowing my friends are right there by my side along with my coaches too! 

Contact: [email protected]


SVFSC Personnel 

Ginger Schillinger

Marketing and Communications 
Costume Coordinator

Email: [email protected] 

Miranda Miranowski